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We strive to deliver your purchased products in shortest time possible. All orders are in processed as soon as the transaction is confirmed.

Currently, we can only send orders to certain countries where we have permission to sell our products. Customers purchasing from our website will have the option to select receiving their purchases from one of our stores or to request delivering it to their address.

In case you choose to have your product delivered to your address, please note that delivery time and cost will vary according to your address, kind of product and the services you have selected. Kindly note that we will do our best to deliver your confirmed order to the mentioned addressed that we will receive in the confirmation e-mail. So please be sure to use your correct shipping address before placing any order.

If the company faced any issue regarding delivery or store collection orders, we would like to reassure our customers that our staff will follow up and contact them to reschedule the delivery as soon as possible. We will also inform our customer about their order status and when they can collect it from our stores or when it can be delivered.

Please note that we will keep your order in store for 7 business days. After the 7 days period all uncollected orders will be cancelled without any notice, while any payments made will be refunded to the card used if possible.

In case you choose your purchase to be delivered to a certain address and there was no one to receive it, the delivery company will contact the provided number to reschedule the delivery. You can also permit the company to hand your order to others - for example, the housemaid of the home gatekeeper.

Please note that the delivery risks related to the order (including the risk of loss or damage) will be passed to the customer, when the product is delivered to the specified address or after receiving it from our store (as appropriate).

Sometimes, we might not be able to provide you with our products due to reasons beyond our control (such as a lack of materials, a delay in import, or a higher demand than expected). In such cases, we will do our best to keep you informed. However, the company shall under no circumstances be liable for any delay or failure with its deliveries due to such issues.